Babies and Toddlers

GOswim for Babies & Toddlers

Help your child become comfortable and confident in and around the water with by enrolling into our Infants or Preschool GOswim program at Windy Hill Fitness Centre! Lessons are designed for babies 6 months to 3.5 years, catering for infant, toddler and preschool participants attending with their parents/guardians or appropriate adult carers.

We understand that your first playgroup session can be slightly daunting but with a fully trained and accredited swim teacher present at all times there is nothing to worry about.

Lessons are structured and designed with you and your baby in mind. With a gentle introduction into the water in a safe and welcoming environment, infants can start to enjoy the water from birth.
Please be aware that parents should have an understanding of water skills and safety that they can introduce to their child.

Lesson Times

Weekday mornings and weekends 8:00am-12:00pm

Did You Know?

When babies repeat an action over and over, they’re starting to master a new skill and working towards strengthening their neural pathways.

Our program is amazing for familiarising your child with the water and for early childhood development.

You can get your baby prepared for swimming before you even get to the swimming pool. Use bath time at home to get your baby used to the feeling of splashing and being immersed in water.

Windyhill GOswim Membership Prices

  Duration Cost
Swimming lesson All year round $19.30 weekly
Suspension Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 6 weeks

$5.00 weekly

Cancellations 30 days notice N/A

GOswim Membership Benefits

  • Easy and affordable - $19.30 per week (initial $20 administration fee per family), our direct debit system makes it easy to manage and affordable.
  • Year-round unrestricted access - Students have unrestricted access to aquatic areas.
  • Weekly lessons - Enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for 48 weeks. 
  • Ongoing enrolment - Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering your preferred lesson time.
  • Splash App - Communicate and stay in touch with your child's progression, learning activities and outcomes.
  • 4-weeks FREE family swim access over summer. Plus, 1-week holiday swim program – either Fast Track or Water Safety program.


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FAQs Expand all

How do lessons for babies and toddlers work?

Parents are in the water supporting their child, whilst a qualified swim teacher guides the group through relaxed, fun activities.
Sessions are held weekly and involve a 30-minute routine consisting of holds, floating, pre-conditioning, submersion and water safety. Most infants, though not all, will reflexively hold their breath when submerged to protect their airway.

However, it’s important to note that while babies can imitate swimming motions and reflexes, they’re not yet physically capable of swimming.

What are the benefits of lessons for babies and toddlers?

We often spend less quality time than we would like with our kids. Unfortunately, it is an effect of being so busy with work and other lifestyle factors.

Spending time with your child in the pool means they have your undivided attention for the duration of the class. Other benefits for your child include:

  • Building water confidence early
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Helps to build muscles
  • Water play can improve their sleeping pattern
  • Can improve a child’s appetite

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