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30 Dec 2019
By Windy Hill Fitness Centre
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The benefits of water workouts 

If you’re looking to change up your workouts, in need of an exercise option that’s easy on your joints or simply want to make a splash, aqua aerobics is for you! With numerous water workouts on offer at Belgravia Leisure centres, give them a go and enjoy a great workout minus the muscle soreness. 


Can I do water aerobics? 

Because aqua aerobics is accessible to people with joint issues or injuries, there’s a stereotype that it’s only for seniors. Kellie McKay is the Group Fitness Co-ordinator and an Aqua Fit instructor at WaterMarc in Greensborough, Victoria. Kellie explains that while she has a lot of older people in her classes, it’s a misconception that the class is only enjoyable for those in their golden years. 


“Aqua aerobics is for everyone – mums, dads, grandparents, athletes, the injured,” Kellie says. “It’s also great for kids and there are specific kids’ classes, too. Aqua does not discriminate – it’s an inclusive program with fun and fitness for all.” 


“Aqua aerobics is suitable for all levels,” reiterates Troy Walker, Belgravia Leisure’s National Health & Wellbeing Manager. “For anyone who is pre/post-natal, post-injury or Illness rehab, or looking for a low-impact/cross-training alternative, they will all benefit from aqua aerobics classes.” 


Troy says that aqua aerobics is very inclusive, although if you’re unsure whether you can participate, check with your doctor to be on the safe side. “Anyone new to exercise, returning after a long period of absence, or who has pre-existing injuries should seek clearance from their GP prior to participating in a class.” 


Calorie burning 

Despite the impression that aqua aerobics is an easy workout, Kellie says you can burn some serious calories during a session. “You can expect to burn 350-500 calories in an aqua aerobics class, depending on the participant’s effort and fitness,” she reveals. 


Due to water’s natural resistance, simple movements such as marching up and down or kicking take much more effort in the pool than they would on land, which leads to more calories burned. 


If weight loss is your goal, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most from the time spent in the pool. Kellie points out that the intensity of the workout is what will determine the calories burned, with options to ramp it up or take it down a notch. 


Strengthened muscles, improved coordination and balance 

“Water is an excellent medium for strengthening muscles,” says Kellie. Another plus of water workouts is they can improve your overall coordination and balance, so if yoga or Pilates classes aren’t your thing, this is a fantastic option to get these benefits. 


“Aqua aerobics has varying programming focuses such as muscle toning, flexibility, strength development, cardio and high intensity,” says Troy. “It’s a great all year-round solution or a complement to any land-based fitness programs.” 


Little or no post-exercise stiffness 

Many of us know the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after we’ve done a workout. You may have felt great in the session only to find yourself wobbling when you try to walk down the stairs the next morning or struggling to lift your coffee cup! 


It’s less likely that you’ll be sore after a water-based workout, says Kellie. “The water has a massage effect increasing circulation, promotes relaxation, has little or no post-exercise stiffness and reduces stress on the joints.” 


Regularity of workouts 

Like any form of exercise, to reap the benefits you must be consistent with your workouts. Kellie recommends regular classes – “from once per week up to three to four times weekly” to get the most out of your sessions. “Like any health and wellbeing routine, regular activity and variety is the key,” adds Troy. 


Workouts can be done all year round, so even when the weather is cooler, you can still enjoy pool time in indoor heated facilities. 


Many Belgravia Leisure centres offer numerous water-based classes during the week. At WaterMarc, Kellie teaches three Aqua Fit classes per week, with other classes (held every day except Sunday) being taken by other instructors. 


What aqua aerobics classes are available? 

There are many different types of aqua classes, so check with your local centre to see what’s on offer. You may be able to try out an Aqua Fit, Aqua Run, Shallow Aqua, Deep Water, Aqua Strength, Aqua Pilates or even Aqua Zumba class. 


Kellie says new trends in the water workout spaces are Aqua Cycle, Aqua Step and FloatFit, which is a full-body core workout. 


What to expect in a class 

While different types of aqua classes vary, what they all have in common is that your workout takes place in the water, as you’d expect. This can be a welcome change of scenery if you’re used to exercising only in the gym and can shake up your workout routine, keeping you motivated. 


Working out in water is also easier on the joints, as the water provides a resistance that can be used for body weight activities; for example, leg lifts or squats. You might use equipment such as noodles, kickboards and dumbbells, which can be incorporated during the class to add support or difficulty to the exercises. 


Classes tend to either be 45 minutes long or 30-minute “express” sessions. And just like on the gym floor, the music is pumping to raise those endorphins and add a splash of fun to your workout. You may find yourself enjoying yourself so much that the class is over before you know it!

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