Hitting the End of a Challenge

17 Sep 2019
By Windy Hill Fitness Centre
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So you have recently completed a goal or challenge and are wondering what to do from here? Whether the challenge was a successful one for you, evaluating what went well, what went bad or where it all fell away can set you up for success on the next challenge or your next goal. 

Compare your goal

The first thing to do is to compare the results between the last week of your goal and the very first week. Whether it be a distance you wanted to run, pace you wanted to keep, measurements or weights, it is important to compare against the first week to see if the work you put in equalled the results you were aiming to achieve. 


It is even more important to be honest with yourself in this stage of the process. Did you meet your goal? 


Yes - If you answered yes, well done. You have done enough work over enough time to get to were you want to be. 

This may be less work than what you thought was required initially, meaning you felt like it was easy to achieve this goal. If this was the case then that is okay! You may have just underestimated what you are capable of.  Remember this for next time and in your next goal you can raise the bar slightly higher. 

On the other hand, this goal may have required more work than you initially thought, meaning you found the challenge harder than you thought it would be initially. If you got through to the results you wanted then congratulate yourself for the dedication, persistence  and will power you showed to stick through tough times to achieve your goal. 

In both cases there will be positives and negatives you found in the challenge. Think of what they are for you and apply them to your challenges and goals going forward. Well done on achieving your goal. 


No - If you answered no keep your head up. You may have not reached the end goal but there would be little victories in between which you can use for future reference. 

It is important to be really honest with yourself here to figure out what did not work well and where you can improve on for next time. Two questions you should ask yourself: 

  1. Did you do everything you said you would at the start of the challenge to achieve your goal? In other words did you follow your plan? If your goal was to lose weight, you may have had an eating plan and a training plan. If your goal was to make a certain distance running, did you do all the sessions you needed to? Answering whether you stuck to your plan requires total honesty with yourself. It is alright to fail. Failing teaches us lessons we can use to move forward, however if we cover that up with excuses and lies it will be impossible to achieve your goals going forward. Did you follow your plan?  
  2. If you did follow your plan then it is time to look at the actual plan you set at the start of the challenge. This plan may not be what is required for you to meet your goal and it is important to re evaluate. 

Even though you didn’t reach your goal, it is important not to beat yourself up over it and instead look at the positives which you can build on in the future. Maybe you got two weeks in of not eating sugar before it fell away, maybe you did half of the running sessions you were suppose to. Although your goal required you to do more of this, at least you gave it a go and know what it takes to get to that point. Next time take it further. Look at your goal and have a think of any positives you may be able to take into the next challenge. 

With a Coaching Zone 6 week challenge coming out this Spring, this may be the perfect time for you to achieve these goals. Head to https://www.windyhill.com.au/train/coaching-zone to find out more about Coaching Zone! 


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