How to stay motivated to exercise regularly

02 Sep 2019
By Windy Hill Fitness Centre
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How to Stay Motivated to Exercise regularly

Motivation can come and go. We all have periods of time where we want to tear the gym down like an olympic athlete and will stop at nothing to pursue our dreams. Then there are the other times, where getting into the gym and working out is the last thing you want to be doing. What is important is that we still find a way to get in on some of these days. A build up of missed sessions can quickly turn into weeks/months of inactivity and soon enough you are looking back at what was. 

Instead you can try combat the lack of motivation by applying a few of the tips below. Beating your motivation with regular habits will set you up with long term success towards your goals. 

  1. Have a regular exercise time: Have certain days and times during the week where you have to train no matter what. Not having a set time can lead to a lack of commitment towards the workout and allows other tasks and prioritise to get in the way. Whether it be before/after work or just after waking up, having that time set will make your workout a priority when that time comes around.
  2. Sign up to an event: There is nothing more motivating then having an event on the calendar counting down towards you. Whether it be a 6 week challenge or fun run, making sure you register early will almost force you to commit to training, to get the best out of yourself for that event.
  3. Set a goal: A goal can involve an event like the above or can even be physique or performance related in the gym. No matter what the goal is, having clear steps to achieve this and an end point will keep you motivated. Making sure these goals are SMART, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely will ensure you have are taking the right steps towards those goals. 
  4. Working out with friends: Find people or friends to workout with. Exercise is much more enjoyable working out with others as you get to share your journey together and support each other towards your goals. Not only that, but having the right people on the same journey with you can keep you more accountable to your sessions, as it is harder to cancel on a friend then to hit the snooze button when you are training solo. 


Give these 4 tips a go and let us know how you go!

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