Swimming Lessons for Children

At Windy Hill Fitness Centre we are proud to deliver the new and innovative GOswim program to our students and families.

Powered by Swimming Australia, GOswim focuses on contemporary, experiential, activity based learning as a fun and engaging way for kids to learn to swim and be safe around water.


The curriculum covers seven areas of learning. These areas are combined and presented as activities to enhance student development.

The key learning areas are:
  • Entries and exits
  • Floating and sculling
  • Movement, propulsion and stroke development
  • Personal survival
  • Underwater skills
  • Rescue and emergency

Lesson Time

Infant 1-3 Daily 8am - 12pm
Preschool 1-3 Weekday AM, Weekdays 4pm-5pm and weekends 8:30am-12pm
Primary 1-6 Weekdays 4pm-7pm and weekend 8:30am-12pm


Download The Splash App

The program is fully integrated into Swimming Australia's Splash App to enhance parent communication with our facility. 
Features of the app include:

  • Parents identifying and tracking students’ progress through our clearly defined pathway
  • Availability of digital encouragement awards as students’ progress through each stage and element of the program
  • Parents access online information enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, learning activities, learning outcomes and competency assessment criteria in student application of knowledge, skill and understanding. 

Windyhill GOswim Membership Prices

  Duration Cost
Swimming lesson All year round $19.30 weekly
Suspension Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 6 weeks

$5.00 weekly

Cancellations 30 days notice N/A

GOswim Membership Benefits

  • Easy and affordable - $19.30 per week (initial $20 administration fee per family), our direct debit system makes it easy to manage and affordable.
  • Year-round unrestricted access - Students have unrestricted access to aquatic areas.
  • Weekly lessons - Enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for 48 weeks. 
  • Ongoing enrolment - Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering your preferred lesson time.
  • Splash App - Communicate and stay in touch with your child's progression, learning activities and outcomes.
  • 4-weeks FREE family swim access over summer. Plus, 1-week holiday swim program – either Fast Track or Water Safety program.


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Join GOswim Program

To express your interest please click the Enrol button below. We look forward to having you in the water with us soon!

FAQs Expand all

Who does GOswim cater to?

GOswim swimming lessons cater for the following groups:

What are the benefits of GOswim?

It's never too early or late to learn how to swim! Our GOswim program ensures that students learn and understand personal survival and water safety elements at all ages.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Establishing a strong and effective swimming technique
  • Becoming empowered to think, discuss and decide
  • Enhancing knowledge, skill and understanding
  • You are supported by professionally qualified teachers

What are the costs?

There are membership fees involved in joing our GOswim swimming lessons that are due and payable via direct debit.

This fee covers the cost of the lesson and holds the student’s place in each class. A separate document detailing terms and conditions related to direct debit payments is available from reception.

What should I bring to each lesson?

  • A towel 
  • A well, non-contagious student
  • Goggles or cap, if the student prefers
  • A swim nappy if your child is not toilet trained
  • Students membership card and rewards card
  • A happy and cheery smile with lots of energy

What if I miss a lesson?

The membership fee secures your place within the program class however, the program membership does not include an option for missed lessons.

Prior notification and presentation of a medical certificate for the missed lesson will generate a Family Swim practice pass. This offers free pool entry on your next non-lesson visit to the centre. This pass is valid for one month from the date of issue.

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