For many families, it is the sweetest time of the year, where the easter bunny is getting ready to visit and bring some delicious treats with him. Maybe it is even a chance to paint and decorate eggs, or compete in a friendly easter-egg hunt. For others it is a chance to celebrate their religious beliefs, and connect with their local communities. Either way you choose to look at it, Easter is a time of celebration and traditions.

Public Holiday Operating Hours:

Due to the upcoming public holidays, we have amended our operating hours and class timetables. Please see below for further details.

Opening Hours:

Friday 7th April (Good Friday): CLOSED

Saturday 8th April (Easter Saturday): 8:00am – 2:00pm

Sunday 9th April (Easter Sunday): 8:00am – 2:00pm

Monday 10th April (Easter Monday): 8:00am – 2:00pm

Group Fitness Hours:

Friday 7th April (Good Friday): VIRTUAL ONLY

9:30 am – Virtual Spin

10:15 am – Virtual Body Attack

11:15 am – Virtual Body Balance

1:15 pm – Virtual Core

4:00 pm – Virtual Yoga

6:00 pm – Virtual Spin

Saturday 8th April (Easter Saturday): VIRTUAL ONLY

7:15 am – Virtual Yoga

8:15 am – Virtual Spin

8:15 am – Virtual Pump

9:15 am – Virtual Body Attack

10:15 am – Virtual Pilates

11:15 am – Virtual Dance

3:00 pm – Virtual Body Combat

Sunday 9th April (Easter Sunday): VIRTUAL ONLY

8:30 am – Virtual Spin

9:15 am – Virtual Pump

10:15 am – Virtual Yoga

1:00 pm – Virtual Pilates

Monday 10th April (Easter Monday): VIRTUAL ONLY

6:00 am – Virtual Spin

9:15 am – Virtual Pump

10:15 am – Virtual Spin

11:15 am – Virtual Core

1:00 pm – Virtual Spin

4:00 pm – Virtual Body Attack

You can view our new Group fitness timetable now to see your classes visually.

The gym will remain open for 24/7 access.

Members must complete a full induction prior to receiving their 24/7 access fobs.

There will be NO Learn to Swim lessons on these days. Rest assured, you will not be charged for any lessons that fall during this period. For any further information please feel free to contact the centre or speak directly with one of our friendly team members at reception.

Our team would like to wish all of our members a safe and happy Easter!