Exciting News! Windy Hill’s Latest Upgrades Are Locked in! 

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Some exciting changes are coming to Windy Hill.

Since the change of management in 2020 BlueFit has worked closely with the Essendon Football Club to upgrade the spa, sauna, lighting and lane ropes and introduced 24/7 health club access. Along the way, we’ve been collecting feedback across the counter and via our annual survey. Several areas requiring improvement have been identified and thanks to the Essendon Football Club, we can now announce further investment into the facility.

In the coming months the following upgrades and improvements will be coming:

Bigger & Better Spin Room
Windy Hill loves spin, so we are extending the footprint of the cycle studio to the full mezzanine space and fitting it out with 36 brand new spin bikes. What happens with the functional training equipment? Keep reading to find out more!

New Functional Training Space
We are converting the old creche into a dedicated functional training zone. The new area will include an indoor/outdoor training area, utilising the adjacent outdoor space and giving you better access to the functional training equipment.

Kids Play & Sports Space
The functional training space up the road will be converted to a Kids Zone which will include classes for kids’ gymnastics, dance and fitness classes. This space will launch in the new year. Click here to email us to register your interest in our programs.

New Gym Equipment in 2023
We’ll be upgrading the gym equipment to give you the ultimate training experience. We will reduce disruption to operations as best we can during the changeover. More information about this update will be provided shortly.

Environmental Sustainability
As part of our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, we’re installing energy saving lighting throughout the facility. We already updated the pool hall earlier in the year, we will continue to improve our waste management and chemical efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint.

Group Fitness On Demand
Our members love group fitness, and your cries for more classes have not fallen on deaf ears. We’re adding in virtual group fitness which will allow you to access your favourite group fitness classes (as well as a huge library of new ones) at any time of the day.

24/7 Health Club Access
We launched this service December last year, however we still have lots of members who have not completed their ‘out of hours’ induction. It only takes 3 minutes to ensure you can access the facility whenever you like! This is only available on full access adult memberships. Click here to find out more.

More Learn to Swim Classes
Coming out of lockdown the industry experienced a nation-wide shortage in swim teachers which has seen our waitlists skyrocket. Our team is working hard to ensure we have more classes available for babies through to adults, particularly on the weekends.

Evolving Our Programs
Royal Life Saving Australia has released a new national benchmark for children’s swimming and we’ve aligned our swimming program to these benchmarks. More information will be available in early 2023.

Café Trial
In January we will be trying out a coffee machine and some basic café items at our reception. We have chosen our coffee supplier to be Toby’s Estate, a premium coffee roaster. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Service Levels
We have worked with our team to bridge the gaps created by multiple lockdowns to ensure our team is delivering great service all the time. We have had a measurable improvement in our service delivery over the last year with our reported Net Promoter Score (NPS) going up by 9.6 points to 29.8 at the end of August. We will continue to provide training and support to our team to ensure we continue to improve.

More Than Just Lip Service
We believe our strength is our ability to deliver on our promises and act fast to make improvements. If at any time you don’t feel that we are providing the quality of management we’ve promised, please reach out to us.

As you can see we have plenty happening in the background and are committed to improving your experience and your facility. We will try to reduce the disruption to our operations and will provide as much notice as possible where there are changes to classes, or access during this time.

What’s Coming Up First…

Temporary Relocation of Spin Classes
From Monday 19th September we will hold spin classes in the old Creche. This is to allow works to the new spin area.

No Access to Upstairs Functional Training Area
Due to the works taking place there will be no access to the functional training area upstairs. This area will eventually move to the Creche space in the first week of October. We hope to relocate the boxing bag to the downstairs alcove next to the stairs.

Removal of stage mirrors in the Group Fitness Room
The builders will be removing some of the mirrors from the Group Fitness Room. At the same time, we will also paint the room over the coming weeks. We will try to reduce the disruption as much as possible. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused.

Builders on site
At various times there will be work taking place. We ask for your cooperation to allow the builders to do their job quickly and efficiently.

We are looking forward to the final result!