2023 May WHF - Barrie at the Gym

Barrie’s journey with us began a few years ago when he signed up as a member.

Fun Fact: Barrie first became a member with us at 80 years old.

Our incredible Health Club Manager, Chris took some time to sit with Barrie and find out more about his health and fitness journey.

In the past, Barrie was an enthusiastic bushwalker, cyclist and paddler. He has been cycling and paddling since the age of 18!

So, why did Barrie decide to join a gym at the age of 80?

“Doctor said that I had to give up cycling so I looked for an alternative to cycling and something that would help my asthma.”

Barrie can often be found in the gym a couple of days a week. During his visits he spends approximately an hour doing strength work and cardio.

Since joining years ago, Barrie has noticed great improvements in his upper body strength. No doubt this is a result of his love for ‘lat pulldowns’ and ‘seated rows’.

What advice would Barrie say to other 80 year olds thinking of taking up a gym membership? 

“Good for Barrie so it is good for anyone!”

Why did Barrie join Windy Hill Fitness Centre?

“Convenience, I live just up the road. And it is clean with pleasant staff and members… overall a nice atmosphere. I just feel comfortable in the environment!”

The team cannot wait to see what Barrie achieves next!