All Members Gain Access to Windy Hill


We’re excited to announce the return to even more services at the Windy Hill Fitness Centre! In January we re-established the 5:00am opening time and with masks now not compulsory and school and work returning, we’re comfortable welcoming all members back!

Members or casuals are no longer required to book for a gym or pool visit, this is only for group fitness classes up to 7 days in advance for members. The group fitness timetable from February will have more than 60 classes, which will then build slowly to 75 mid-year. We’re excited to launch our FX30 program, which will be functional training classes in the old Coaching Zone area. The best part is that this program is accessible within all health club memberships, and no longer an extra charge.

With all of the above in place, we’re comfortable now turning all memberships back on. We’re contacting you individually on email if we have your debit agreement on file. If you would like to change bank or credit cards at any point, please contact reception. All previous rates have been honoured and converted to a fortnightly rate. If your membership pre-lock down was paid upfront, we’re simply taking you off suspension and confirming this on email

Your email will include a link to set up your MyWellness account so you can access the BlueFit Health Club app. Once logged in as a member, the BlueFit app will give you access to be able to book into group fitness classes. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing this program by emailing support@bluefit.com.au

If you’re not ready to return, a link to suspend for longer is included.

We’re excited to finally have everyone back. We look forward to seeing you in the club soon.