Superhero Safety Week 2022 Recap

December eNewsletter (9)

Superhero Safety Week was a success! During November, we held our bi-annual Safety Week, but this time as Superheroes!

The week of the 14th to the 20th of November was dedicated to educating our students on all things water safety. Preparing students for the upcoming summer season. Safety Week is an initiative that we have incorporated into our broader program to ensure that the basic water safety skills are taught to all students across Australia. Throughout the week the learn to swim program is slightly altered to meet these intentions. Safety Week is important as students:

  • Learn the safest part on where to swim at the beach.
  • Learn life saving skills such as floating, survival backstroke and freestyle.
  • Practice swimming without goggles.
  • Understand what it feels like falling into the water with clothes on.
  • Learn how to call for help when in the water.
  • Learn how to perform a reach and throw rescue.

It was wonderful to see all of our families and students (aka. superheroes) attending throughout the week, engaging with staff and classmates. Have a safe summer, and we look forward to seeing you all again at our next fun-filled safety week events in 2023!