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We love seeing our students working hard and improving their swimming skills!

To help keep our students motivated, each month BlueFit Swimming recognises and celebrates one of our dedicated students as the ‘Swimmer of the Month’. 

As a tasty reward the selected student is awarded with one FREE tropical flavoured Frosty Fruit!

This month our ‘Swimmer of the Month’ and the winner of a delicious Frosty Fruit is Evelyn.

Evelyn has been recognised and awarded for putting in lots of hard work and always bringing a big smile to every lesson. Evelyn has been a swim student with us for a few years now. During her time with us Evelyn has gained many skills and progressed through to the seahorse level. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed watching her develop through the program.

Our team would like to say a big ‘congratulations’ and ‘keep up the great work’ to Evelyn!

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