Windy Hill 24/7 Gym Opens!


We are so excited to announce that the Windy Hill Fitness Centre gym will be open 24/7 from 10pm Monday 6th December.

This means you’ll be able to access the gym any time, any day…and the best part is that it’s included in your current membership fees! 

In order to have the 24/7 access added to your membership, you will need to complete the 24/7 induction by following the link below. Once complete you’ll receive your membership fob which will give you to access the facility after hours.

As part of the 24/7 roll out we will be updating all customer accounts to include a photo ID. We ask for your patience while we complete this account update.

Complete your induction today!

The 24/7 access will not be available on Offpeak, LLLS, Aquatic & Workcover memberships