September 2023 WHF - Tower One Stair Challenge

On Sunday 6th of August a team of seven dedicated members led by cycle instructor, Tony Eid, competed in the Tower One Stair Challenge in NSW.

The Tower One Stair Challenge is an event that challenges participants to conquer 1000 steps spread across 40 floors. This year the challenge had over 290 participants, with eight representing Windy Hill.

Our team’s dedication and determination paid off, leading them to achieve something truly remarkable. The event not only showcased our members’ physical prowess but also highlighted the strong spirit of community and camaraderie that our community stands for.

The entire team entered as multi-climbers, completing a combined total of 71 climbs, which is equivalent to 71,000 steps!


The following are the results of the multi-climbers event:

  • Steve Downey climbed the tower 10 times
  • Joe Perilli climbed the tower 10 times
  • Dave Abela climbed the tower 10 times
  • Donald Ross climbed the tower 9 times
  • Jackie Cushnahan climbed the tower 8 times
  • Margaret Butera climbed the tower 7 times
  • Julie Corkhill climbed the tower 5 times

Special Achievements:

Jackie Cushnahan completed 8 climbs which was the most in the female category for the day. 

In the timed events, both Dave and Steve came in 1st in their respective age groups. 

Plus Tony and Julie both placed 2nd in their age groups.

The highest number of climbs performed in a single day was 12, achieved by our incredible cycle instructor, Tony Eid.

Overall we are extremely proud of the team and their phenomenal achievements at this year’s Tower One Stair Challenge. We cannot wait to see what they achieve next!

To find out more about the Tower One Stair Challenge, click here.